Open-air Mining Museum Knappenwelt Gurgltal

The European mining industry during the 15th and 16th century was prosperous. The work of a miner was very dangerous and the wet, cold and dirt inside the mines furthered many disease. A lot of miners paid with their lives, however, many families depended on the income gained from mining and thus the miners carried on with their hazardous work. The Gurgltal with its’ secondary valleys stretches from the Fernpass to Imst and approximately 500 years ago various mines were founded to win galena or bing. In the Knappenwelt Gurgltal you can revisit this fascinating time of medieval mining and discover life then with a hands on approach. Pit house, miners’ hut, stamp mill, separation chamber, ore aureole, scriptorium and the blacksmith’s shop show how the miners worked. In the mineshaft you can see the different mining methods that were used and in the houses and huts you will find information on the process the ore underwent once it was out of the mountain.

Revisit the dangerous and exciting lives of the miners and face the fascination of medieval mining. The adventure awaits you at the Knappenwelt Gurgltal!

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