• Verstehen
    Beim museumspädagogischen Nachmittag hört ihr Geschichten über das Leben der Knappen.

  • Spielen
    Rund um die Knappenwelt erwarten Euch tolle Spielmöglichkeiten, wie das Wasserspiel und der Kriechstollen.

  • Erleben
    In der Knappenwelt Gurgltal könnt ihr die spannende Verarbeitung des Erzes hautnah erleben.

  • Entdecken
    Wandelt auf den Spuren der Knappen und versucht Euch an der harten Bergbauarbeit.

Our offers for the children

Children, check out what´s going on!

Maxl our little miner accompanies you through the Knappenwelt!
There are several possibilities to go exploring in the Knappenwelt:

Collect Maxl´s Bergbuch when entering and off you go to explore! Visit the various buildings and finds the answers for your puzzle. When you have found the solution, you can pick up your prize at the checkout.

Or do you want to test the playground? Become a miner at our adventure playground.

Do you still want more? Come to a museum’s educational afternoon or listen to exciting stories around the campfire! You can find the dates on our event calendar.
(Our Maxl icon accompanies  Children programs.)

You can even stay overnight in the Knappenwelt or celebrate your birthday here with all of your friends and family!