Historical Survey

The period in which the healer lived is generally regarded as the early modern period , which can be divided into the following categories :

1350 – 1450 : End of the Middle Ages

Who? Oswald von Wolkenstein, Jeanne d’Arc

What? John Hus was burned as a heretic, book printing

Regents of the Tyrol :

▪ Duke Rudolf IV . ( The founder )

▪ Friedrich IV . ( Friedl of the Empty Pockets )

▪ Duke Siegmund ( the Rich )

1415 – 1531 : The Age of Discovery

Who? Paracelsus , Nicholas Copernicus, Leonardo da Vinci, Fugger , Johannes Kepler

What? Peasant wars, Christopher Columbus arrived in the Caribbean

Regents of the Tyrol :

▪ Duke Sigismund ( the Rich )

▪ Emperor Maximilian I ( the last knight )4

1517 – 1648 : The Age of Reformation and religious division

Who? Martin Luther, Galileo Galilei, William Shakespeare, Michael Gaismair

What? The Thirty Years’ War, the first Turkish siege of Vienna

Regents of the Tyrol ( incomplete ) :

▪ Emperor Charles V.

▪ Emperor Ferdinand I.

▪ Archduke Ferdinand II . ( Secretly married to Philippine Welser at Ambras Castle )

▪ Claudia de ‘ Medici ( Chancellor Wilhelm Bienner )

The baroque era, absolutism and the Enlightenment (ca. 1650-1790 )

Who? Isaac Newton, Jean -Baptiste Molière, Immanuel Kant , WA Mozart, J. W. Goethe

What? Death penalty abolished in Austria for the first time, compulsory education, construction of the Belvedere

Regents of the Tyrol :

▪ Emperor Leopold I.

▪ Emperor Joseph I.

▪ Emperor Charles VI .

▪ Empress Maria Theresa

▪ Emperor Joseph II .

The ” healer from Gurgltal ” lived, according to the above figures, in the era of the Reformation and religious division. Thus she shared the fate of a hard, depriving life with thousands of other “common ” people whose existence was subject to the unpredictability of the war, weather, famine, and pestilence, and from the clash of differnt religious ideologies and the arbitrariness of the authorities.