The healer

In 2008 the remains of a human were discovered in the town part of Strad by sheer luck. The bones of a 40-year-old woman who lived during the Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648) were found and are now on display in the house of the healer. Archeological speaking it was one of the most impressive finds of the last decade, since the burial place itself was quite unusual. Furthermore normally people are buried facing up and this woman was buried facedown along with all her worldly possessions.

The numerous grave goods, some in outstanding good condition, made the team around archeologist Univ.-Prof.Dr.Stadler especially exited. How often do we get the chance to look at the belongings of a peasant woman who lived 400 years ago?

Soon the team discovered that this had been by no means a simple woman and the new part of the museum Knappenwelt was built to honor her life.

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The Museum´s extention

Movie clip “Die Heilerin vom Gurgltal” (Regie: Manfred Corrine)

The goals of the healer museum are summarized in the museum’s concept.

The project was made possible through funding by the town Tarrenz, the state the Tyrol and the EU Interreg IV program. It was co-funded by the EU.

Project partner town is Laas in Vinschgau in Southern Tyrol.

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